about the pcc

PCC of the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast

          The Postal Customer Council (PCC) was established in 1961 to improve communications between U.S. Postal Service customers and managers. The organization has grown increasingly more important since the 1970s, when business mailing issues became its primary focus. Today, there are more than 200 local Postal Customer Councils with approximately 120,000 members across the nation. Regular meetings, educational programs, mailer clinics, and seminars keep members abreast of the latest Postal Service developments. 

Postal Customer Council Mission Statement:

  • Promote local cooperation and support and to foster a close working relationship between the U.S. Postal Service and all businesses that use the mail to communicate and interact with their customers;

  •  Share information and facilitate the exchange of ideas about new and existing Postal Service products, programs, services, and procedures that affect all businesses that use the mail; and


  • Help PCC industry members and their organizations grow and develop professionally through focused educational programs.
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