April 21, 2016

West Palm Beach, FL, Supervisor, Bulk Mail Entry Unit at the West Palm Beach Plant & Distribution Center, Connie Mitchell is now the Secretary of the Postal Customer Council (PCC) Of The Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast. Mitchell began her career with the Postal Service in 1989. In 2007 she became a Bulk Mail Technician and was trained as a Periodicals Professional in 2011. In 2014 she was promoted to supervisor. Mitchell is very knowledgeable of Postal Standards and Mailing Requirements and stays up to date on new products and services. She is very active with the PCC and has done educational presentations for PCC members and customers in the mailing industry. On behalf of the PCC Of The Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast, we welcome Connie Mitchell as our Secretary.


      South Florida Manager Marketing Juan Nadal along with Postal Center International, Inc. Sales Manager Roy Liese.
Marketing Manager Juan Nadal proudly presents Postal Center International, Inc. Sales Manager Roy Liese with the winning ticket to attend the National Postal Forum (NPF) in May 2017.  The Forum is the mailing industry’s premier educational venue, trade show and networking event for industry professionals. It provides business mailers with ongoing training and education, and helps them keep pace with the mailing industry’s rapid progress.  The NPF is the only industry organization that works directly with Postal Service managers to provide the most comprehensive educational and networking platform possible for meeting the needs of mailing industry and postal customers.

Tribune Direct, Senior Database Marketing Analyst Paul Curry

PCC Event, Sept. 16, 2016 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

District Manager Jeffery A. Taylor (left) and A/Senior Plant Manager Henry Dominguez (right) proudly accepted national recognition on behalf of South Florida postal employees.

District Manager Jeffery A. Taylor and A/Senior Plant Manager Henry Dominguez  are attending the National Postal Forum (NPF) in Baltimore, MD this week. As the premier mailing and shipping industry event, the annual NPF attracts more than 4,000 industry professionals and provides networking with USPS leadership and vendors, and educational workshops. 

 Every year DHL recognizes Sectional Center Facilities (SCFs) with Service Awards. This year the Miami SCF, as well as others in the Southern Area, was recognized during the customer conferences.

 Also, each year one district is recognized with the Partnership Award. More than service is evaluated to bring home the partnership cup.  It's a reflection of how well employees work together and partner with our customers to provide high levels of service, implement changes, deal with growth, and work through obstacles encountered in the pursuit of great customer service.

 “Our employees have done a remarkable job --- from acceptance to processing to distribution and then delivery,” said Taylor. “Good service and good partnership with our mailers and customers means growth in business --- and that’s good for everyone.  It shows our business partners that their business is our business!”

July 28th, 2016

Political Mail Seminar

Supervisor, Bulk Mail Entry Unit, Connie Mitchell

NPF 2016 - Nashville, TN 

July 19th, 2016

PCC Event,Aug. 18, 2016 - West Palm Beach, FL

Meet Our New PCC Secretary - July 28, 2016 

Robert Weiser began his postal career as a Letter Carrier in Long Island City, NY, in 1973 when the cost of a First-Class letter was 8 cents. Weiser has been dedicated to providing outstanding service to customers while in various postal positions from New York City to Dallas to Philadelphia to West Palm Beach for the past 43 years.

Today District Manager Jeffery Taylor has announced Weiser’s promotion to Postmaster, West Palm Beach City 334 where he had been detailed as Officer in Charge. As Postmaster, Weiser will be responsible for an annual operating budget of $56 million. He administratively will be responsible for 653 employees. West Palm Beach City has 350 city, rural and highway routes and 242,695 deliveries. In Fiscal Year 2016, West Palm Beach City generated $75 million in revenue.

“I’m very pleased to lead our West Palm Beach City team in providing outstanding retail and delivery service to our customers,” said Weiser. “As a team, we’ll work together to provide outstanding service to all internal and external stakeholders.”

During his career, Weiser delivered mail in Long Island City and Queens, NY, prior to a promotion as Supervisor, Mails and Delivery, Long Island City. He transferred to the Dallas District in 1981 and worked in various Dallas positions, including Supervisor, Mails and Delivery; Supervisor, Mails and Collections; and Manager, Customer Services. He also served as Manager, Mail Processing and Manager, Customer Services, Irving, TX; Manager, Customer Service Operations, Dallas, TX; Officer In Charge, Plano and Richardson, TX; and Manager, Customer Services, Plano, TX. From 2007 to 2010, Weiser worked in the Philadelphia, PA District as Manager, Post Office Operations and Senior Manager, Post Office Operations. Weiser was promoted to Manager, Post Office Operations in the South Florida District in 2010.

Weiser studied accounting, business and marketing at Hunter College in New York City and at the University of Texas in Dallas.

“Robert’s extensive postal knowledge and customer service experience are assets to this position,” said District Manager Jeffery Taylor. “Please join me in wishing him continued success in his career.”

West Palm Beach, FL, Postal Customer Council (PCC) of the Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast hosted a political mail seminar in July at the West Palm Beach Plant & Distribution Center. The seminar was geared to benefit political Mail canidates and mail service providers. National Political Mail Strategist, Robin Walls presented on the benefits of using direct mail to connect and influence the actions of registered voters. Walls focused on new technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) which is one of the newest marketing technologies in use today because it can transform print into a multi-media, interactive experience. Walls also discussed the benefits of using share mail, a Quick Response (QR) Code and sound cards to deliver your message. The PCC of the Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast will host another political mail seminar after the primary elections.

South Florida is Recognized at NPF

Ft Pierce Duo, Sales Reps 'Sell' USPS

The Postal Customer Council (PCC) Boot Camp was first offered at the National Postal Forum (NPF) last spring and was attended by board members of the PCC of the Palm Beaches & Treasures Coast. Manager of Postal Affairs at Wilen Direct, Tom Glassman and PCC Vice-Chair Greg Dodig both attended the 2016 NPF in Nashville,TN. The PCC Advisory Committee (PCCAC) is now on the road due to an overwhelming demand. The first stop was in Tampa, FL, where PCC members participated in workshops on education, communication, membership and policy administration. Recruits learned how to attract dynamic speakers and creative new ways to engage their PCC. Several PCCs shared best practices and marketing collaterals with recruits, as well as strategies that could be replicated locally. It was interactive, engaging and fun. After completion, the recruits joined the ranks of PCC Certified PCC Boot Camp Professionals. Postal Co-Chair, Joe Molfetto, Postal Admin, Curlita Rogers-Saunders, and Secretary, Connie Mitchell from the PCC of the Palm Beaches & Treasures Coast attend the boot camp in Tampa, FL, along with South Florida District Marketing Manager, Juan Nadal, Miami Dade Postal Admin, Mirtha Uriarte, and PCC of Broward County, Postal Admin, Kelly Worthman.

West Palm Beach, FL, Member of the Postal Customer Council (PCC) of the Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast received a tour of the West Palm Beach Plant & Distribution Center located at 3200 Summit Blvd on April 21st, 2016. The tour was conducted by Manager, In-Plant Support, Gabe Miron. Miron started the tour with a few safety rules focusing on safety as the company’s #1 priority. Members of the PCC toured the 340,000 sq ft building that was built in 1985 while Miron explained the process that the mail goes through once it is accepted. Supervisor of the Bulk Mail Entry Unit (BMEU), Connie Mitchell, explained the process of mail being accepted through the BMEU and provided a tour of the Bulk Mail department.

PCC of the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast

West Palm Beach, FL, Postal Customer Council (PCC) Of the Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast conducted their monthly meeting last Thursday at the West Palm Beach Processing and Distribution Center on Summit Boulevard. Senior Database Marketing Analyst, Paul Curry from Tribune Direct presented on Database Hygiene and Database Marketing. Curry has been in the Direct Mail/Database Marketing business for 20 years. He has formerly served for about 14 years as the Industry Co-Chair for the PCC of Broward County and the South Florida PCC. Curry stated, “In order to reduce expense and increase profits, you must have your customer data address standardized and processed through the National Change of Address data (NCOA). Database marketing is both a science and an art. Properly executed promotions must include logic and creative thinking.” The PCC of the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast has a monthly meeting every 3rd Thursday of the month. Please check the website www.pccpb.com for more details.

Pictured (front row from left) Executive Board Member, Tom Glassman from Wilen Direct, Supervisor, Business Mail Entry in West Palm Beach, FL, and Secretary of the board, Connie Mitchell, Industry Co-Chair, AL Smith of AMS Marketing, Postal Co-Chair and Officer In Charge, West Palm Beach, FL, Robert Weiser, Officer In Change, Delray Beach, FL, Joseph Molfetto, U.S.P.S South FL, District Manager, Jeff Taylor. Pictured (back row from left) U.S.P.S Vice President, Enterprise, Analytics HQ, and 2016 National PCC Day Guest Speaker, Isaac Cronkhite, Industry Vice Co-Chair, Greg Dodig and Curlita Rogers-Saunders, USPS CRC, West Palm Beach.

Customer Relations Coordinator-WPB, Curlita Rogers-Saunders took a moment to “snap a pic” with Board Member, Tom Glassman of the PCC of The Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast. The picture features the Hanukkah Forever Stamp during the First-Day-of-Issue dedication ceremony. The ceremony took place on November 1st at Temple Beth El of Boca Raton, FL.

Local USPS Newsbreak

Robert Weiser

From left, Fort Pierce Manager, Customer Services Inge Boxhill; Fort Pierce Officer In Charge Andy Moir; and Field Sales Representatives Rohani Ramnauth and Anthony Figaro (not pictured) participated in the fourth annual Entrepreneurship and Small Business Conference at Indian River State College on May 2. Photo: Anthony Figaro 


West Palm Beach, FL, Manager of Postal Affairs at Wilen Direct, Tom Glassman, discusses the potential postage increase on postal products and services during a Postal Customer Council (PCC) meeting held on July 28th  in West Palm Beach, FL. Wilen Direct belongs to the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEAlliance) which is a global community of integrated media creators, producers, publishers, distributors, and their service providers, material suppliers, and technology partners. Glassman is also the chairperson of the Education Committee and offers a wealth of knowledge and information to the PCC. In addition, Glassman serves as the Industry Lead for the Postal One Reporting Sub Group, which exams the Micro Strategy reports and error definitions. Glassman is an active board member of the PCC of the Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast and facilitates many presentations to keep our industry members informed and up to date.

March 22, 2017 5:00 p.m.                
Weiser is Promoted to Postmaster, West Palm Beach

National Political Mail Strategist, South FL District, Robin Walls

Special Announcement & Thank You -

Industry Co-Chair Al Smith wishes USPS Senior Sales Executive Charlene Miles the best on her retirement on behalf of The PCC of the Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast. As a former USPS sales employee who retired in 2008 and who continues to work in the mailing industry, Al has had the pleasure of working with Charlene for many, many years. Charlene has done numerous presentations throughout the years and has always been an asset the PCC of the Palm Beach & Treasure Coast. Charlene has mentored and shared her knowledge of USPS mailing standards on a continuous basis, keeping our mailers informed of new technology in the mailing industry.

Charlene, the committee has voted! You have our permission to say goodbye to the tension and hello to that pension!

Nov. 01, 2016 - Boca Raton, FL